Custom Sign Deposit

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Once you purchase this deposit, here’s what happens:


This restock will work the same as last time. I will be releasing a limited number of deposit spots for custom signs. Last time they sold out very fast so set an alarm!


Here’s how it will go!


1. Check out sizing, pricing info, font sampling and colour/stain options. Keep in mind you can have any idea under the sun, it doesn’t have to fit in a box, er, a round. This will make sure you have a good idea going in of what you’re after, and the approximate cost. Prices are in CAD, plus taxes. Shipping is extra, and will be quoted on a case by case basis.


2. At the restock date and time hop onto and purchase your deposit spot. 1 deposit = 1 sign


3. I will email you with a fact finding email where we can chat design, style, budget and shipping if needed.


4. From there we’ll enter the design phase where I’ll send you a few options and then we can tweak the design until you are 100% happy!


5. I’ll send an invoice for the remaining amount + shipping if needed. This is required to be paid before the work begins. I can accept payment through my website or etransfer.


6. You wait the discussed time period(this changes with each restock, usually 5 weeks unless previously discussed for holiday/celebration dates) and you’ll have your one of a kind handmade sign 🎉



Shipping info

Pick up is available in Listowel or Cambridge for no charge.  

Shipping will be calculated if needed when design proofs are sent.

Ontario shipping is usually around $20

Canada wide shipping usually starts at $25 to $37 

US Shipping ranges, and will be quoted.



*This deposit is not refundable once we get to the design process