Why Yes, Chai’d Love Some Schnapps! 8oz Candle

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I will get back to you when I try butterscotch shnapps in my chai, but it seems good in theory, and let me tell you, IT SMELLS LIKE A WARM COZY DREAM ☕️ 

 Chai Butterscotch 


This collab with Listowel’s Sweet Bean Candle Co. is just too good.

Candles are hand poured, vegan, soy, and free off all the unnecessary bullshit that’s no good for you and your family.  Great scent throw too, trust me, I have kids, dogs and cats.

Scent breakdown:

Top notes of cardamom, caramel and chai. Heart notes of coconut, clove, cinnamon, ginger and butterscotch with a vanilla base.