How long will my order take?

Each restock is a roughly a 4-6 week wait time from when proofs are confirmed. If a specific date is needed, please let me know in the custom questionnaire 

I’m local, how do I skip the shipping?

For physical items you can choose a pick up location at checkout.  Custom orders will be discussed in the design process.

Why are you only open once a month?

To help manage my heavy workload and large number of inquiries, I will offer a limited number of custom spots per month.  This allows me to focus on quality over quantity, control wait times, and have some room to create ready to ship pieces!

Amazon offers free shipping, why don’t you?

It’s extremely hard for small businesses to offer free shipping.  Our volume of shipments is low in the grand scheme of things so it would cause our prices to increase to a point that we feel uncomfortable charging. 

I want something different than you’ve done/I’m not sure what I want.

Perfect! I love designing new ideas and always give multiple proofs with lots of detailed description of elements and design. It all starts with a custom sign deposit on a restock date!

How does the custom process work?

On the restock day at the specified time, you can purchase as many deposits as signs you need for that month.  

I will follow up by email with a questionnaire and then we can begin designing.

Once you approve your design, I will invoice you for the remaining amount and then work can begin!

Once your order is completed I’ll email you again to set up pick up or send tracking info if shipping is required.

Step by step details are available to read in the custom sign deposit item description.

What will my sign or decor piece be made from?

For round backers I mainly use Baltic Birch plywood. This is a high grade ply with gorgeous grain patterns. 

The edges of the rounds are covered in edge banding, that gives a nice clean and finished look to this plywood.

I also use this for oversized cutouts and stained lettering/designs. 

For painted backers and painted cutouts I use a high quality MDF.

These may be exchanged or switched at anytime due to stock/availability. 

Can my sign go outside?

I’m currently creating pieces for indoors only.  The signs are not treated for outdoors and should be kept out of the elements.