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Square Breathing Keychain

Square Breathing Keychain

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Square breathing is one of the first things taught in therapy to help manage your breathing during a panic attack or when you feel one approaching.

This allows you to return your breathing to a resting state which can help you pass the panic/anxiety feelings faster and possible avoid the attack altogether.

I created this keychain as a tool to give the user a physical piece to help the senses focus on a visual & tactile object as well as the breathing. The thought here is to have you “all in” doing the breathing work.

Why a keychain? Most of use have our keys around all the time, and I thought maybe it could act as a reminder that you are in charge, not you anxiety.

It’s subtle, no one knows what it’s for but you, unless you tell them🫶🏻


Square breathing is easy! 

  • inhale for 4 seconds
  • hold for 4 seconds
  • exhale for 4 seconds
  • hold for 4 seconds

Keep repeating until you feel calm


3 ways to use

  • follow the engraved dots
  • trace the inside edge
  • trace the outside edge 



  • solid hardwood (African mahogany)
  • Laser engraved
  • Hand cut and sanded smooth (no splinters!)
  • finished with food grade wood oil 
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